• Biography


    Leila, Belgian professional dancer, started dancing when she was 12 years old. To improve her ballroomdancing skills, she did ballet (3 years) and others styles as well.


    She took part in a lot of international competitions all around the world: USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Spain,... and she achieved several good results. She danced 4 years for the Netherlands (with a Dutch partner) and they became the Dutch Latin-American Champions 2000.


    Leila is 14 times Belgian Champion (in Ballroom, Latin and 10-dance),
    several times Benelux Champion (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg together), Finalist European Cup 2000, Semi-finalist World Championship 10-dance 2002, ...


    She also made appearences on different television channels (Eurosport, SBS6 (Dutch tv) and Belgian tv) while dancing competition or for documentary purposes.


    She became famous with the Belgian public when she took part in
    'Sterren op de Dansvloer' (Belgian Dancing with The Stars) in 2008. She danced with the Belgian Johnny Depp, actor Antony Arandia and they were the winners of that season.


    In 2010 she participated with actor Louis Talpe and for the second time in a row, she became the Champion of 'Sterren op de Dansvloer'!!


    Leila is a specialised teacher, coach, choreographer, judge,... in Ballroom and Latin, but also in other styles.